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How users can solve Norton update problem

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

How users can solve Norton update problem

For safe internet browsing, people must have antivirus in their devices. Otherwise, they will face huge losses at their work. Norton antivirus is such a type of antivirus which improves system performance along with giving internet protection too. Norton antivirus always modifies itself to provide better internet security to all users. Sometimes people failed to update this antivirus in a proper way. As a result, they experience various unwanted issues that prevent them from internet browsing fearlessly. To solve such problems, they need some professional help. Norton antivirus support Australia team is always there to fix this issue. Norton experts always provide instant help. They keep researching so that they can provide the latest technology-based solutions.
Norton antivirus support Australia teams are always aware of users’ internet security. They explain each step so that users can able to understand why they are following technical instructions. They help the users to complete the steps as per their instructions. By doing this, they rectify the users’ mistakes so that they won’t require facing Norton update related problems.
As per Norton antivirus support Australia team, users need to check virus definitions date-
v  At first, users have to start ‘’Norton’’ antivirus.
v  After that, users will see ‘’ my Norton window’’ which is available next to the ‘’Device security’’ option and then they need to click ‘’open’’ option.
v  Next, users have to check the date which is available under ‘’you are protected’’ option. Then users need to click on ‘’protection updates’’ option.
v  Then, users (based on the date) they have to choose any one of the following-

§  If the date is less than one day, then users must wait for 24 hours and then run Live Update again.
§  If the date is more than one day, then users must update virus definitions using Intelligent Updater.
After that, to solve Norton update problem, as per Norton antivirus support Australia teams, users need to update virus definitions-
·         To solve the Norton update problem, at first, users need to go to the Intelligent Updater downloads page.
·         According to the expert opinion, based on users’ the version of Windows, they need to choose any settings of the following-

§  For Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP 32-bit:  Users must choose the first file from the list under Filename. The file name starts with the year and ends with v5i32.exe.
§  For Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista 64-bit: Norton users have to go to the 64-bit Platforms section, and choose the first file in the list under Filename. The file name starts with the year and ends with v5i64.exe.
·         After that, Norton users need to save the file to the Windows desktop.
·         To view the file, they need to double click the file (which they saved) on the desktop.
To solve any other problems, users can feel free to contact the Norton antivirus support Australia team. They are active for 24x7 hours. They take reasonable charges from each user. Norton experts always maintain the service quality. They maintain the deadline too. Users can avail of a customized service package based on the requirement, budget, and deadline.


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